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Summer Camps - which is the best one for your child?

Updated: Jan 8, 2020

Summer camps come in all shapes and sizes and there is definitely something for everyone. There are a huge range of choices across the globe but how do you work out which camp is the best fit for your child and what do you want them to gain from the experience?

Camps tend to fall into three broad categories; Language Schools, Academic Courses and Activity based programmes. Here we look at what each type of camp can offer, look at the benefits of attending a summer programme, and give our top tips for choosing a camp.

Language Camps

These programmes have an intensive focus on improving both written and spoken language skills. There are many popular camps in the UK which take an immersive approach to teaching English with up to 30 taught hours a week and this can be combined with sporting and cultural activities that are relevant to the age group. Class sizes are small to ensure maximum attention and providers are careful to ensure that there is a good mix of nationalities so that the main language of communication is English.

Academic Programmes

These courses can provide an ideal opportunity for a school student to try out a new subject such as Law, Engineering or Medicine and see how they enjoy it and whether it is something they would like to pursue. The courses are often run at top class universities and are taught by lecturers and researchers who teach on the undergraduate degrees. As well as an opportunity to learn there will also be activities such as team building, Theatre shows and expeditions to local landmarks to enjoy.

Activity Camps

Activity camps are hosted across the world and cover a huge range of skills and experiences. Whether you pick a Drama camp in London or a Space camp in the US; a riding course in Spain or a leadership camp in Switzerland, camps offer an opportunity to pick up a new skill or improve on an old one. The combination of recreational, educational and social activities on an activity camp, gives students a chance to bond with children from different countries and backgrounds and build confidence and a new friendship group.

Ask about our Summer Camp service, where we create a bespoke shortlist of camps for your child, make the arrangements and can provide a guardianship service to accompany your child to the camp. Please contact a consultant on +971 4 438 5276 or at

What will your child gain from a summer camp?

  • This is a chance to make new friends from across the world, bonding over a learning experience.

  • The opportunity to learn brand new skill or develop a new talent.

  • A summer camp is the perfect place to be independent and build life skills and resilience.

  • They should have fun, be exposed to lots of different opportunities and feel like they are having an adventure!

  • For many children taking a camp overseas it is a chance to learn about a new culture and environment.

  • It keeps children physically and mentally active over the long summer break.

Top tips for choosing a Summer Camp.

Make it enjoyable.

This is the holidays and for many children they would rather be enjoying time with their friends. Find out from you child what they would enjoy; perhaps they want to learn how to vlog or sail or take a course in ‘Diplomacy and Global politics’.

Check out the age range

Check your child is in the sweet spot for the camp – too old and they will feel out of place and too young they could feel overwhelmed. Double check to see if there are any other criteria to attend a course, some of the camp have limited places and may require a letter of motivation to demonstrate the child’s enthusiasm for attending the course.

Work/Play balance

Check the balance of ‘work vs play’ are there sporting activities, cultural trips or social on offer. If they are fully engaged in something, they will be more likely to have fun and gain from the experience.


Camps are offered all over the world and for some families the summer offers an opportunity to escape the heat of Dubai and explore somewhere further afield whether that is learning about K Pop in South Korea or a sustainable camp on the Cornish coast. However, there are plenty of great camps here in the UAE for a wide age range of children.

Summer programmes and camps are a fantastic way for children and teenagers to have fun, learn new skills not covered at school, meet interesting new people and broaden their minds.

For help finding the perfect summer camp for your child, contact Carfax Education consultant on +971 4 438 5276 or at

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