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Carfax Tutors Revision Programme in Hong Kong: GCSE, A Level, IB

Exams are fast approaching, and we understand the pressures that you / your child might be facing in the coming weeks. Carfax Tutors Hong Kong have launched a revision programme for GCSE, IGCSE, IB, AS and A Level studies, which combines private tuition with exam practice to create a balanced, supportive learning environment in the run up to examinations.

The revision programme will encourage a love for learning, and pupils will finish the course with a profound sense of confidence. Tuition can take place in-person, or online. 


GCSE, IGCSE, AS & A Level, IB revision programme

- One-to-one tuition

- Available in all core subjects

- Personalised learning

- Experienced subject-specific tutors

- Quality, in-depth study

- Learn new revision techniques

- Includes mock examinations 

Enquire For more information, please click here to contact our Tuition team today.

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