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UKiset- What is it and how will it help me?

Are you concerned about how your child compares to their British peers? Perhaps you are considering a move to the UK and need to make a direct comparison to the British education system and assess if your child will thrive in the UK? If so, then the UKiset assessment is a valuable tool for your child!

UKiset is looking at a child’s academic ability and potential based on the UK curriculum and grade system. The results of the assessment give quantitative information about where your child fits on an international level, and if your child will thrive at a UK or international school.

The UKiset is not about passing and failing and does not assess prior learned knowledge, but instead is focussed on a child’s academic potential. For UK schools this information can be helpful in understanding the academic profile of your child and whether they would be a good fit for the school. In some cases, schools use it instead of an entrance exam and other schools rely on it as a filter to decide who they will invite to apply to their school.

For the parents, UKiset can simplify school applications as the results can be sent out to multiple schools. This means they are not wasting registration costs for a school that may be unsuitable or not consider an application and also it helps to ensure that the school your child will be attending is one that will nurture their potential.

Assessment Format

UKiset is assessed through three online assessments and takes on average less than 3 hours. It takes the following format:

1.) A Reasoning test: This online assessment will test non-verbal and verbal reasoning skills through both multiple choice and mathematics questions.

2.) An English test: This test includes English listening and reading, to assess the capability of your child to learn in a foreign language.

3.) An English Handwritten essay.


  • The UKiset must be taken at a registered centre. Carfax Education Dubai are recognized and registered by Ukiset to offer the test in appropriate.

  • The cost is £295, this is inclusive of registration and invigilation fees.

  • The test may be taken by anyone between the ages of 9.5 years -18 years.

  • Results are valid for one year .

  • The test can be retaken after 6 months

  • You can send the results to as many schools as you wish, with 5 included in the registration fee of £295

  • Ukiset is recognized by UK independent schools.

The UKiset is a fantastic tool for assessing independent potential in a child, whilst giving you a better idea of if your child will thrive in an international school!


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