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Exam Preparation: Top Tips by Carfax Tutors

When you develop successful study techniques and preparation skills, your academic assessments and exams become less daunting, and this allows students to set themselves up for success. In this article, our experienced team of Carfax Tutors share some useful tips on exam preparation, and how to approach exams with confidence.

1. Break it down Making a timetable can really help with planning and avoiding getting overwhelmed. Think about what areas you need to focus on most and the exam dates you are working toward. Break it down into short study sessions and make sure that planned regular breaks for part of these sessions. 2. Be realistic It is easy to start out with big ambitions, but it is also really important not to put too much pressure on yourself. Setting yourself small, achievable goals will keep you motivated and on track. 3. Experiment with revision styles There are so many different ways to study; therefore, take the time to work out which is best for you. Group study is a great chance to enhance your understanding and practice concepts by explaining them to others. Flashcards can be useful to visual learners and some people find recording facts and playing them back to themselves on the go helps things to stick. 4. Work on your focus Muting your notifications, leaving your phone in another room or even working pomodoro style – 25 minutes on with a five-minute break – can be helpful in keeping your attention on your revision goals. 5. Ask for help Seek extra support where you need it. This could be from your teacher, a classmate or outside support from a tutor. If you start early, it will give you time to work on the areas that you are struggling with. 6. Organise your study space Finding a clean and tidy place to study is really important. Make sure it is well lit and find some study music to keep you focussed – or mix it up with a trip to the library or a café. A change of scenery can help with productivity. 7. Stay Healthy Revision is important but do not neglect yourself in the process. Eating well, drinking plenty of water, exercising and getting enough sleep are key – do not underestimate the power of keeping fit and healthy during this time.

8. Allow yourself to make mistakes Do not expect to get it all right the first time. Study and revision are about making mistakes in order to spot which areas need more work. Do not be disheartened – take it as an opportunity to learn. 9. Put it into practice Using different techniques to go over what you have learnt is great, but putting it all into practice is a really important step. Past papers will help you prepare for what to expect when you walk into the exam. 10. Reward yourself Find ways to reward yourself and incentives to keep you going! This might be doing something you love on a day off or having your favourite snack on your break.

Try this fun revision trick! Don’t be afraid to get creative and have fun while studying. Bathroom mirrors are a great place to put up revision notes and diagrams for you to read while brushing your teeth. You can motivate yourself to finish reading chapters by filling the pages with gift cards and snacks. Make up funny acronyms and pneumonic devices to memorise lists – you will remember them forever. For more information about Carfax Tutors, please click here.

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