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Life Changing Travel - How to Broaden Your Horizons: Look... and Learn...

How many of us remember how to use algebra? How many of us remember learning it in school? It may seem inaccessible for us to aspire to add context to every new concept we learn, but realistically, without that context, they will probably not stay with us in the long term. In an age of increasing innovation and social awareness, parents are becoming more and more conscious of the need for context in their children’s education and there is a growing recognition of the value of experiential learning.

At Carfax Education, we aspire to inspire – to break down concepts and build up knowledge – which is a process that benefits from real world context and discussion. Abstract concepts come to life and can be more fully evaluated by the curious learner in individualised tuition than is possible in a structured classroom setting. How exciting would it be to see them come to life outside of the classroom entirely? Carl Morris, Head of Tuition at Carfax Education, believes that "learning is more impactful when education comes alive and relates to the world around us. Study a new concept in a classroom, and you will remember it for an upcoming test. Study a new concept in an impactful, first-hand experience, and you will remember it for life. The impression left on a child will not only be new knowledge, but also a personalised understanding that will ignite a passion to keep exploring. Learning through such incredible experiences fosters the minds of interesting and curious young individuals." As featured in Forbes, The New York Times and The Luxury Travel Magazine, travel is currently being heralded as a crucial kind of informal education, credited with increasing our creativity, ability to connect with others, and self-growth. Wisdom comes from experience, and travel is the best experience there is – forcing us out of our comfort zones, and into the best version of ourselves as we navigate the world with more understanding of the perspective of others. Companies providing educational travel experiences are responding to this current trend in favour of immersive and experience-based learning. BASED ON A TRUE STORY has been tailor-making extraordinary travel experiences for exclusive travellers from all around the world for over twenty years, catering to wealthy individuals, world leaders, and even royal families. They create and deliver a small number of select projects each year, with each journey being both ambitious and unique. During the creative process, their team members will consult with the client on the potential educational value of the journey, using the power of storytelling to further enhance critical learning opportunities. They regularly partner with the world’s top conservationists, anthropologists, biologists, and experts to deliver lasting, educational, and meaningful experiences for their guests. James Maclear, Based On A True Story Creative Director, commented "Based on a True Story and Carfax Education believe that high-end travel experiences play a critical role in accelerating and enhancing educational experiences whilst highlighting conservation consciousness at this critical time in Earth’s history. In our ever-changing digital world, such educational legacies have become increasingly valuable to a growing mind.” Would you like to..? Step back in time and retrace the great routes of the spice traders and of Alfred Wallace’s epic voyages of discovery? Or perhaps, take your family on a daring and educational cruise to remote, untouched islands off the Indonesian Archipelago, a paradise where time has stood still? Along the way, you will find ample marine wildlife to explore and fascinating indigenous cultures to encounter. You might like to cruise aboard an authentic and luxurious Phinisi private yacht in complete privacy, comfort, and style, following a route that can be tailored entirely to reflect your academic interests and children's passions.

Perhaps you may prefer to immerse your family in ancient Greek mythology, interacting with the epic myths, monsters, and gods, through a carefully crafted odyssey inspired by Homer and ancient Greek playwrights. Your children might be assigned a quest, involving a series of magical encounters with fearsome monsters and majestic gods and goddesses as they search for Odysseus, bringing mythology to life.

Would you like to stumble across a map while taking in the wonders of the Caribbean, turning a relaxed vacation with friends and family into a suddenly mysterious and adrenaline-filled adventure? How would you react if your children were to discover a mysterious barnacle-encrusted bottle, washed-up on the shore? Pulling out the old cork stopper, you may be astonished to find an aged piece of bark with a message etched into it, in charcoal. A note from an old sailor, who claims that he numbered one of the rogue crew of the notorious Captain Blackbeard! The history of the Caribbean becomes effortlessly intwined with a fun memory from the family vacation.

Perhaps you would prefer to experience an African safari in absolute comfort? A chance to encounter incredible wildlife and cultures alongside leading zoologists and anthropologists: to meet, celebrate with, and learn from ancient tribes, all while enjoying the company of some of Africa’s best guides. You will be overwhelmed by the fascinating stories and local myth; as the untold history of these regions comes to life around a campfire, you may realise you are living your own incredible story.

BASED ON A TRUE STORY truly appreciate the needs of the world’s most selective and unique individuals as they seek to travel the world in an educational and informative manner. Along with Carfax Tutors, they endeavour to design journeys that appeal to everyone, from the inquisitive and adventurous to the wisest elders in the family. Well-rounded journeys, overflowing with once-in-a-lifetime experiences, blend education with pleasure.

Whatever narrative you choose to pursue, you will be immersed in a celebration of life itself and how we can make our lives extraordinary. To begin your own immersive, educational, and unique story, please click here to enquire today.


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