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Meet the Head of Carfax Tutors, Carl Morris

Shortly after completing his qualification as a chartered accountant (ACA) in London, Carl decided he wanted to one day teach his University studies and make a change in his career. An Oxford graduate in Chemistry, Carl began private tutoring with families across London, and has since dedicated the last 10 years in Education across some of the world’s leading cities, which has led him into a successful and rewarding position as Principal at Carfax College and Head of Carfax Tutors. Carl has played an important role in growing the Carfax Education Group’s tuition division as well as Carfax College in the heart of Oxford, and instils the ethos of understanding each child as an individual, to deliver a personalized education experience matched to their interests and abilities. Carl possesses a rare gift for leadership, serving as a mentor for a younger generation - always understanding their needs, having their backs and leading by example. In the meantime, please take a few minutes to virtually meet our Head Principal, Carl Morris:

Time to ask Carl some interesting questions:

1. What attracted you to education as a career?

I have always been a quick learner with an inquisitive mind, and often found myself exploring the subjects I was interested in (primarily Science and Maths) beyond the school curriculum. During my time at Oxford I found this style of learning through exploration an incredibly mind opening experience. However, I still couldn’t see past the exams and league tables the seem to be the core of the British Education system rather than the knowledge and skills themselves and so opted not to a pursue a career in education post-graduation. Whilst I was qualifying as a chartered accountant in London I was asked to work for a charity called The Access Project that helped disadvantaged children with tuition and university applications. After mentoring several pupils through their A-Levels I started to realise that the revolutionary form of education I experienced at university could be applied to younger years, and could really bring the purpose and excitement back into education – beyond exams and grades. After qualifying as a Chartered Accountant I joined Carfax in Dubai tutor, and immediately saw that our ethos on education was aligned. I wanted to be a part of the changes that I could see happening in education all around the world, and Carfax seemed to be on the front lines. I worked my way up to running the UAE office and eventually managing our College and the Global Tuition Team, and am proud of the work that my amazing team do in bringing subjects to life with passion, enthusiasm and constant innovation in education. 2. When you were starting out in our career, what was some of the best advice your received? Things don’t have to be done the way they have always been done. The most exciting thing about my current role, and any role I have enjoyed in the past, is the ability to make a difference and have an impact. Always remember that things don’t have to be done the way they always have been, and to get ahead in the workplace, creativity in problem solving is an essential skill. 3. Building on that, what are your top tips for pupils to get the most out of their education? Be Curious - explore the areas that interest you beyond the syllabus. Curriculums are a starting point not a limitation. If it’s not taught in school or on the syllabus it doesn’t mean it’s not worth knowing.

Get involved – Learning is most effective when you are actively participating so ask questions and take part in group activities and project work. Collaborating with other pupils will nurture vital skills for the workplace and future study.

Organise yourself – To get the most out of your education you need to organise time to dedicate yourself to study. Create a study plan that fits around your working habits and stick to it. This discipline will be vital to your university studies and future career. 4. What is the one thing that makes you most proud of Carfax College? The enthusiasm of the team. I have yet to work anywhere that has a more dedicated and enthusiastic team. At Carfax every single member of the team is fully committed to giving our pupils the very best education possible, they are constantly developing innovative teaching techniques and collaborating across the Carfax Education Group to improve the quality of service that we provide. The ingenuity of the team never ceases to amaze me, and is the key to our growth and quality of our programmes. 5. What sets Carfax College apart from other schools? Our one-to-one methodology gives us the ability to be agile and adapt our courses in response to study progress, new academic goals, or changing interests. This allows us to create truly bespoke programmes that are unparalleled in the education industry. The passion and enthusiasm of our educators means that we are constantly considering how to keep our students engaged whilst giving them ownership of their education and nurturing a love for learning. The leavers destinations of our students speak for themselves in the success of this methodology. 6. Is there anything you would like to share with parents who are considering Carfax College as an option for their children? Carfax College is a unique school that blends the very best of traditional education and innovative teaching techniques. The one-to-one system may at first seem unusual but it provides the opportunity to create engaging and exciting lessons that really “light the spark”, rather than “filling the bucket”. Our flexibility and adaptability in our courses ensure that you are getting the very best education from the world’s top educators. 7. Saving the best for last - Maths or Science? That’s a tough question. It’s hard to see how Science can be done without a core basis in Maths, but Science is really where my passion lies – especially Chemistry. It gives you the ability to analyse and understand the world around you, and with so many bold scientific claims being made in mainstream media nowadays, the ability to sort fact from fiction is essential. If you have any questions you would like to ask Carl, click here to send us a message.


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