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On the Radio: Dubai Eye 103.8 - IB Results and UCAS Clearing

Many thanks to Dubai Eye 103.8 for inviting our Head of Education, Fiona Mckenzie, to talk about IB results and UCAS clearing; what to expect, university offers, and how the clearing system works.

Click here to listen to the full feature, starting at 48min, 55 sec

"If you meet the conditions of your offer, please celebrate. You've had a tough year, you've secured your place and you've achieved your goal. But for some, it might not pan out as anticipated. If this is the case, my first piece of advice is to call the University, and have a chat with them to see if there is any way for them to consider you, or put your offer on hold if you decide to appeal your grades or have your work re-marked. Don't despair if you haven't met your grades."


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