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Results Day 2022

Tension is mounting as IB and A Level pupils await their results from the first set of exams to be taken physically in the last 3 years. Despite the accommodations made for this cohort of pupils to reflect the challenges they have faced during the pandemic, the return of high stakes exams means the return of the anxiety of ‘results day’, particularly if you are holding a conditional offer for a UK university. Our Carfax Guide on what to do on results day is here to allay those concerns and set out the possible outcomes from the results and how to deal with them.

Exam results Dates IB Results IB Diploma published: July 6th at 12 noon GMT. (Schools will receive the results the day before) IB Careers Programme published: July 6th at 12 noon GMT. (Schools will receive the results the day before) A Levels A Level results published: 18th August 9am GMT Results Day

  • UCAS and schools receive the results before they are released to pupils.

  • Schools will have advised you on how and when you will receive their results. It is a good idea to have that instruction email to hand the day before results are published so there is no drama about accessing the information.

  • Check your offers so that you are clear what the conditions and expectations are.

  • Make sure that all your UCAS information is readily to hand so you can check on TRACK for any updates.

  • If you have applied as a private candidate your results will not automatically be sent through to the university, you will need to send this information through.

  • You will need to have access to wifi and a good mobile signal so that you can be available to talk to universities about your results if necessary. As universities will only speak to you, results day is not the time to be on a remote beach cut off from comms!

Outcome 1

The results are as predicted and meet the conditions of the Firm university offer. As all the results are automatically sent to the universities, in this scenario, the offered place will be confirmed and acknowledged in TRACK. You should receive an email from UCAS which will have instructions from your university. You will need to carefully follow the instructions as to what your university requires you to do. Keep this letter as you will need it once you get to university. This is a great result and you should be celebrating your success! Outcome 2 You have not met the requirements for your Firm choice but you have been accepted by your Insurance offer. If this is the case, then the first thing to do is call up your Firm offer and ask if there is any way they would consider you on your current results. It is helpful to have lined up your reasons as to why you would be a good student for this course and why this was your first choice. You may also wish to consider getting your papers remarked. You should discuss this with the school and make any arrangements via the school. If the answer is still no, then you are still in a great position as you have a confirmed place at one of the universities you wanted to go to. This is still cause for celebration! Outcome 3

You do not get the grades for either your Firm or Insurance offer. Whilst this feels devastating at the time, it is important to remember that you still have lots of options available to you and there is still a strong chance you will find a place at a UK university this year. What to do next?

You may consider getting your papers remarked if you were close to a grade boundary.

You can always choose to retake the exams and reapply next year.

You can take this opportunity to have a Gap Year.

You can look for other university opportunities through Clearing. Clearing

From July 5th, all the universities who have spaces on their courses advertise them via UCAS Clearing. Over 60,000 students secured UK university places through Clearing last year so there is lots of potential to find another course at a different university, maybe at one of your original five choices or even at a university you had not considered before. Bear in mind that many universities will not make a final decision on allocating Clearing places until the A Level results are published on 18th August. This gives IB students plenty of time to explore the options and contact universities in advance. For A Level students the process can be more pressured as places move fast in Clearing. It is important to do your research and make sure that you do not make a ‘panic’ choice through Clearing. Seek advice and make sure you consider all the options. Please take a few minutes to read our guide to clearing.


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