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The Ultimate Guide to 2023 UK University Application through UCAS Clearing for Hong Kong Students

With the Clearing deadline approaching, the next few days are essential for students in Hong Kong aiming for UK university admission. It is good to note that over 50,000 students secured their dreams through Clearing last year. So, it is vital to start your research now, as UK university application slots can be filled up quickly.

Understanding UCAS Clearing

UCAS Clearing offers a second opportunity for prospective students from Hong Kong to gain a place at a UK university. It matches students who are eager for UK university admission with institutions that still have available spaces.

Reasons to consider Clearing for UK university application

1. Your firm (CF) or insurance (CI) choice universities in the UK did not work out.

2. You decided to decline an initial offer, leading you into Clearing.

3. You are applying after 30 June.

Expert tips from Carfax Education tutors in Hong Kong for navigating Clearing

1. Research similar courses

Go back to your preferred UK universities. Do they have spaces on course similar or related to your originally choice?

2. Make a backup list

Based on guidance from your tutors in Hong Kong, identify universities you would consider if primary choices do not come through. Research the course details and university thoroughly.

3. Understand Clearing's dynamics

Each university might have a different procedure for Clearing. Whether it is online forms or phone calls, familiarize yourself with their procedure. Keep essential details like your UCAS ID Clearing number ready.

4. Direct calls over emails

Once the results are out, it is better to call the universities directly. These institutions are prepared to guide Hong Kong students through their process, but they need to speak with the applicants directly, not their parents or education consultants.

5. Maximize phone engagements

Have your personal statement in front of you. Express your interest in the university and course you want to join, and if needed, explain any discrepancies between your predicted and actual results.

6. Document conversations

Keep record of whom you spoke to, any offers they made, and ensure they recorded your contact details correctly.

7. Compare offer carefully

You do not have to accept the first Clearing offer you receive. Wait for email confirmations, then review all of your choices carefully.

8. Update UCAS portal

Once you have decided, add your choice in UCAS Clearing. Note that you will have a 24-hour window to confirm or decline the offer once it appears on the portal.

9. Switching tracks

If you have changed your mind about a pre-existing offer, ensure you have a firm offer from Clearing before releasing your initial choice.

Alternatives if Clearing does not work out

1. Retaking the exams

You may be able to improve your grades significantly or sit exams in additional subjects by studying with Carfax tutors in Hong Kong or online or enrolling at Carfax College in Oxford where there is a specialized A level retake course. This may make your university application for next year much stronger.

2. Taking a gap year

A gap year can provide you with time to develop your profile, gain valuable experience and skills, mature and refocus your UK university admission goals. You can combine it with retaking exams.

3. Alternative career avenues

Starting your career right after school is also a viable option. You may be able to go to university later or develop your education over time through life-long learning or vocational training.

Always remember, a single results day does not define your entire journey. Whether you are in Hong Kong or the UK, every experience shapes you for future successes.

Need tailored expert advice?

For personalized guidance on the UK university admission process, connect with our Carfax Education Consultants today.


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