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UK University Admissions will become highly competitive by 2025, UCAS Chief Executive cautions

A record number of students are expecting to start Higher Education in a UK University or College this Autumn, and this number is only expected to increase Year on Year. The table below displayed the total number of applications received by UCAS in the past 3 years; 2021 applications received by 30th June show a 4% YOY increase (accounting 682,010 applications).

The full report can be found here.

Clare Marchant, the chief executive of UCAS, has estimated one million students will apply for university by 2025, up from 700,000 now, an increase of around 40%.

She told the Sunday Times: “By the time my 13-year-old son gets to age 18, it will be much, much more competitive. We think there will be one million applicants by 2025, up from 700,000 now.”

Last month, UCAS said record numbers of students are set to start university and college this autumn, with applications and offers up.

Fiona McKenzie, Head of Education at Carfax Education states, "With an uncertain labour market and the proven economic benefits of an university education, more and more students from across the globe are actively seeking a British degree. Entry into top level universities becomes more competitive by the year and seeking professional guidance to find the best fit of course and university and working to submit an outstanding and compelling application has never been more valuable."


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